SaaS for Startups

Tired of being turned down by potential investors? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Get ready and find your perfect match.

Don’t practice with real investors! Our AI SaaS will provide you with comprehensive analysis and 24/7 AI mentorship regarding your startup, so you can prepare ahead of time. Looking for investors? Share your information with investors with a single click, allowing those looking for a company like yours to find you in seconds among thousands of other startups. With our solution, you will be able to:

15 days trial, then USD 34.9
per user per month.

No credit card required.

1. Information integration

Turn Ninety Upsilon Sigma in your Startup source of truth. Our AI assessment will evaluate 90 variables from your startup on six topics: Top Management, Team, Product, Business, Finance, and Performance generating as the result the Ninety Upsilon Sigma Score plus a reach per topic. The information will be automatically updated every month with the information from the previous month, if something changes it will take one to 2 minutes to update that part. 

Do you need to share data with potential investors? Just go to generate connections, select the information you would like to share, and for how long click generate connection, and voila!

2. Analysis

As an Entrepreneur making quick decisions is key. Our Startup Analysis module allows you to understand the areas where your startup is performing well, and areas of improvement and leave notes to team members with your comments or task distribution. By analyzing the evolution of your startup per topic you will be able to proactively reinforce weak points of your business that your potential investor will probably check before is too late.

3. Insights and recommendations

Our Insights and Recommendations module, uses our algorithm to identify weak points of your startups and even in some cases provide recommendations. This module will help you improve your startup in order to make it more competitive against competitors or in order to make it more attractive for potential investors or buyers.