Developing AI technology to make venture capital more efficient… for everyone.

SaaS for Startups

Centralize all your data, easily shareable with just one click. Access AI-powered mentorship for valuable guidance and accelerate the capital-raising process through automation.


Combining our proprietary algorithm with your secret recipe to collaboratively minimize noise in the discovery phase and seamlessly automate the entire investment process. No other platform comes close.

Isn’t it crazy that 90% of startups fail? Any process with these odds is begging to be hacked. We are giving it a shot.

Is Ninety Upsilon Sigma the missing piece of your VC firm investment puzzle? If you’re an investor tired of spending countless hours on fruitless discovery, frustrated with late recommendations, and seeking a competitive edge by personalizing your lead generation, then it’s time to embrace a solution that transforms your VC journey to success.

Is Ninety Upsilon Sigma the right fit for your Startup? If you’re finding that your valuable time is slipping away in the pursuit of potential investors, grappling with conflicting feedback, feeling unprepared in front of VCs, and struggling to maintain your startup’s growth trajectory, then it’s time to discover how our platform can empower your entrepreneurial journey.”