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About us

We think it’s crazy that 90% of startups fail. Any process with these odds is begging to be hacked. We’re giving it a shot.

How do you hack startups?

The team at 90US has an approach that will work wonders for startups. Our multi-disciplinary team has experience building successful startups from concept to successful exit. After decades of experience building successful companies, we chose to work together to improve the current success rate of startups. We believe that the high failure rate of startups consumes resources and represents an unnecessary burden on society.


What we do


Hacking the startup development cycle through data.
Proprietary know-how (90-2-180) and Clustering Method

90US has developed a proprietary algorithm which evaluates startups based on numerous factors essential for success.

These factors are related to team, technology, sector, geography, market scale and stage of development.
We take these known factors but analyze them in a new way.

The result is the 90-2-180 score (size of opportunity plus level of risk) and a set of matrices that simplify the understanding of the current status of the company as well as the required effort to achieve success.

The goal is minimizing the risk of failure relative to the inherent risk of the particular venture.


We start with the end.

90US values efficiency and optimal solutions. We only invest in projects where we are certain our team will add value.

We take an intimate look at the company, the product, the team, the history and more, to gain a deep understanding of your business, just like a good partner should do.


Growth Hacking Program.

90US has developed an accelerated growth hacking program designed by a team of multidisciplinary executives from the technology industry.

Industry leaders with experience in digital marketing, data science, Artificial Intelligence, management and finance identify key constraints or bottlenecks that prevent accelerated growth.

Our team also provides proven solutions to these problems. Think of this as SCRUM for growth.

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