Venture capital

I´m a venture firm and need help in the screening and selection process.


I´m an investor and would like to know more about your investment options.


I´m a startup, help me growth hack my company.

Ninety Upsilon Sigma uses data science to select and grow high potential startups.

We think it’s crazy that 90% of startups fail. Any process with these odds is begging to be hacked. We’re giving it a shot.

That’s why at Ninety Upsilon Sigma we’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that allow us to evaluate startups’ potential and risk in record time assessing more than 300 variables.

The goal is minimizing the risk of failure relative to the inherent risk of the particular venture.

I am a venture capital firm

Let us help you find the needle in the haystack.

  • How to use data to maximize potential of success?
  • How can you increase the quality of your deal flow?
  • Are you exhausted with “no go” deals that only waste your time and could have been flagged in advance?
  • How can you look closer to the deals that are worth it?
  • With your analyst’s hat on, would you like to screen your deals with comparable quantitative and qualitative data in front of you, saving time, avoiding hot deal competitions and increasing the accuracy of your analysis?
  • How to uncover weaknesses and increase the quality of conversations with founders?
  • How can you decrease probability of surprises after investment decisions are made? How to consistently diminish the probability of being wrong?
  • How to articulate rationale with data and increase consensus for your investment’s decisions?
  • Would you like to speed up the process of structuring the deal and predict upcoming pain points?
  • Would you like to implement growth hacking strategies more accurately to your selected companies?

I am an investor

Learn more about investment options.

We think it´s crazy that 90% of startups fail. Any process with these odds is begging to be hacked. We’re giving it a shot.

Interested in knowing how investing in technology with lower levels of risk? Contact us know and get to know how about our distributed portfolio.

I am a startup

Are you ready to turn from product to business entrepreneur?

We are a data driven company supporting startups to grow fast.

  • How do you know if you have a viable product?
  • How do you seek advice from industry insiders?
  • How do you approach your competition?
  • How do you hack growth?
  • How do you know what areas need improvement for your startup to succeed?

Growth Hacking Program

Ninety Upsilon Sigma values efficiency and optimal solutions. We only invest in projects where we are certain our team will add value. Ninety Upsilon Sigma has developed an accelerated growth hacking program designed by a team of multidisciplinary executives from the technology industry.

Industry leaders with experience in digital marketing, data science, Artificial Intelligence, management and finance identify key constraints or bottlenecks that prevent accelerated growth.

After decades of experience building successful companies, we have developed a proprietary algorithm which evaluates startups based on numerous factors essential for success. We base the growth hacking program on the evaluation results, related to team, technology, sector, geography, market scale and stage of development. We take these known factors but analyze them in a new way. The result is the 90-2-180 growth hacking program based on our scoring model (size of opportunity plus level of risk) and a set of matrices that simplify the understanding of the current status of the company as well as the required effort to achieve success.

Our three steps to help you

  1. We assess your startup.
  2. We plan a growth hacking program.
  3. We execute it together.
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