About us

Developing technology to make venture capital more efficient, for everyone.

Can you imagine how we can improve people’s lives if we can increase, at least by a small percentage, the number of startups that succeed? We did it… and turned that into our life motto.

That is why in 2010 we started an R&D process with the objective of identifying all the friction between funds and startups trying to find their perfect match and perform their investment in an efficient way.

The R&D process had two objectives: First, understanding the investor’s point of view, their pains, and the activities that generated constraints to their capacity to accelerate their capacity of finding their perfect match. Secondly, we worked closely with startups trying to decode the variables related to success and identifying their main restrictions. We knew it would be a long trip from the very beginning, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

This is just the beginning and our commitment is to keep working hard hand to hand with entrepreneurs and investors to keep developing technology that makes venture capital most efficient, for everyone.