Ninety for Investors

Could you imagine one software that integrates all your needs? We did.

Ninety for Investors uses AI to help Venture Capital firms, Corporate Ventures, and Family Offices, assess startups, integrate all information in one place, manage pipelines, and make portfolio decisions and presentations.

15 days trial, then USD 99.9
per user per month.

1. Boost screening

Ninety Upsilon Sigma IA Software assesses 90 variables that we identified as the ones related to success or failure. We assess 6 topics. Top Management, Team, Product/Service, Business, Financial, and Performance. With that, we generate scoring from 0 to 1000 related to the level of risk of the assessed startup. The startups can select what information would they like to share with the investor (with or without the financials) and for how long (one day, fifteen days, or until they cancel the data connection) and share it homogeneously with just one click.

Once the startup data is assessed by our proprietary AI algorithm (the connection is accepted on both sides) the investor gains access to different reports to analyze the data and make quick informed decisions (Startup Analysis, Insights and Recommendations, and Cohort Analysis).  

2. Manage pipeline

You can also manage your pipeline in our solution. No more data export and integration or hours configuring CRMs that were made for other proposes. Once you have the assessment data you can move the startups from “Lead”, “Shortlist”, “Selected”, “Invested/Accelerated” or “Exit” back and forth. It is also possible to achieve or unarchive the startups at any moment, leaving all information available to be analyzed by other members of the investor company team.

3. Portfolio Analysis

Once you invested or accepted one or more startups in an acceleration program the startups will automatically appear in the Portfolio Analysis. The Portfolio Analysis provides a wide range of data on your current investments, profile of companies, and associated risks and you can even get the upgrade for the valuation module which allows investors to configure their own valuation models or use the ones from their auditors.