SaaS for Investors

Imagine your workday with software that automates 80% of your repetitive tasks, freeing up your time for those game-changing decisions.

Explore, evaluate, access contextual insights, and engage seamlessly with startups. Communicate your decisions, manage your pipeline, and drive portfolio choices. Unlock up to an impressive 80% time-saving advantage. Welcome to Ninety Upsilon Sigma.

15 days trial, then USD 99.9
per user per month.

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1. Automate 80% of your work and focus your talent on what will make a difference.

Ninety Upsilon Sigma is a VC Tech solution that redefines how you engage with startups and transform your investment strategy.

Precise Startup Discovery: Our software introduces a dynamic “investment profile” creator, tailored to your preferences and criteria. With a swift input of your investment preferences, watch as the system sifts through the startup landscape, spotlighting potential gems that align perfectly with your interests.

Effortless Evaluation and Comparison: Gone are the days of arduous manual evaluations. Our software propels you into a new era, leveraging its analytical might to evaluate, compare, and deliver insights on countless startups from around the globe. Dive deep into data-driven insights that empower you to make informed investment choices.

Seamless Communication and Data Access: Establishing a connection with startups becomes a breeze. With a simple click, effortlessly communicate your interest and receive comprehensive startup data. Our software acts as a conduit, instantly transferring vital information into your hands.

Efficient Decision Dissemination: No more bottlenecking decision distribution. Our software empowers you to send out multiple decisions to entrepreneurs without manual intervention. Swiftly communicate your choices to startups, optimizing your communication channels for rapid, efficient progress.

2. Streamline Pipeline Evaluation with Automation and AI.

Revolutionize your venture capital journey with our cutting-edge solution – managing your startup pipeline has never been this seamless. Say goodbye to the hassle of data export, intricate integrations, or wasted hours configuring CRMs meant for other purposes.

Once you’ve harnessed the power of our assessment data, you’re in the driver’s seat. Effortlessly glide startups through the stages of “Lead,” “Shortlist,” “Selected,” “Invested/Accelerated,” or “Exit,” all with the fluidity of a dance move.

Our solution unveils a world of flexibility. Need to achieve or unarchive a startup? It’s a snap. And here’s the kicker – a nifty alert system ensures you never miss a beat. It nudges you precisely when it’s time to revisit, ensuring your strategy remains on point. Plus, all this invaluable info is at your fingertips, primed for analysis by every savvy member of your investor dream team.

Ditch the complexities and embrace a streamlined future. Elevate your pipeline management game with our game-changing solution. The time for a smarter, sleeker approach is now. Let’s make venture capital smoother and more successful than ever before.

3. Revolutionize VC Portfolio Analysis: Uncover Market Insights, Craft Valuation Models, and Perfect Investment Profiles for Future Success.

The moment you invest or welcome startups into your acceleration program, behold the magic – they effortlessly materialize within the dynamic realm of Portfolio Analysis.

The Portfolio Analysis isn’t just a window – it’s a panoramic view into your investment galaxy. It’s a treasure trove of insights, a symphony of data, revealing the very DNA of your investments. Dive into a wealth of real-time information – from company profiles to associated risks – all at your fingertips.

And here’s the kicker – take your investor game to the stratosphere with the Valuation Module upgrade. Shape your destiny by configuring your very own valuation models or lean on those trusted models from your auditors. Flexibility meets foresight.

In a stroke of genius, we’ve engineered a haven for your trusted inner circle – mentors, board members, auditors, and beyond. You’re in the driver’s seat, deciding what they see and when they see it. Gone are the days of data dissemination chaos.

Welcome to a new era of investor empowerment, where clarity reigns, choices flourish, and the future is yours to shape. Venture forth with confidence – your portfolio transformation starts here.