Our solution

We develop technology to help you select and grow high-potential startups.

Information retrieval
Get insights
Turn insights into action

1. Information retrieval

Our solution provides two levels of assessment.

Startup shortlists

This model allows startups to provide the information online providing venture capital firms a quick assessment of the startup with no effort necessary from their side. This will filter more than 80% of the startups that are below your accepted level of risk (based on the Ninety Upsilon Sigma scoring).

360 assessment

Once we select a short list of companies you can select our 360 assessment, the more comprehensive of the two, that will evaluate all the variables that we found are related to potential success and will provide a final scoring, dashboard with all the data to be evaluated and will allow people to create notes.

2. Get insights

Our solution also provides a set of the most relevant findings related to the startup along with relevant recommendations on how to improve the weak points found in the assessment.

3. Turn insights into action

Once you have all the data available it is time to turn the data into action. Our solution will allow you to send to specific people, some of the findings and suggestions we have found relevant for the startup and follow its status using an agile methodology framework in a dynamic improvement cycle of monthly assessment / monthly insights / monthly actions (sprints).