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Ninety Upsilon Sigma invests in LivePanel to accelerate growth and position it as a global leader in opinion research

Ninety Upsilon Sigma, the Miami-based startup accelerator whose methodology is used by Endeavor Miami, decided to invest in Livepanel, a technology company that was born in 2015, specialized in obtaining consumer opinions and mindset through smartphone surveys.

Ninety Upsilon Sigma, will enter Livepanel’s capital through a USD$500,000 investment. The goal was to promote the company’s entry into a new phase that will take it from its dominance of the Latin American market to a global leadership in opinion research.

“We want Livepanel to be strong enough to face the disruption that, in this case, a survey industry  needs, which is really quite obsolete, with players that have not changed their way of doing things in the last 20 years”, said Damia —a data industry professional with more than 25 years of experience in the sector and where he already founded several successful companies, the last of which was Intellignos, later acquired by Havas Group, one of the world’s largest global communications groups, part of Vivendi.

On the other hand, Agustín Elissondo, CEO and Co-Founder of Livepanel, explained: “Our company is already five years old and has grown and developed very important clients and accounts. We have respect for Ninety, we work in harmony with its methodology, which encourages us to project this alliance in time, placing us in a new phase of our growth”.

Livepanel is the result of combining mobile technology with artificial intelligence to create a superior platform for conducting market and public opinion surveys.

The platform offers clients the possibility of working with dynamic audiences, which allows them to gather information with greater speed and depth while optimizing costs, using the MATI (Mobile Assisted Touch Interface) methodology to significantly improve the performance of traditional methodologies.

Livepanel makes extensive use of artificial intelligence tools both through its Engagement Engine technology, which improves the engagement of panelists in multi-questionnaire research, and the possibility of adding profiles through Machine Learning tools. It is currently operating in 20 Latin American countries where it wants to strengthen its presence, to which Portugal and Spain have recently been added in Europe, and even 4 African countries (Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania). Also, thanks to Ninety’s support, they plan to expand their presence in Asia.

“Our mission is to better understand people by the use of technology”, summarizes Elissondo, who has more than 15 years in the consulting and research industry for large Media and Telecommunications companies, in addition to having participated in several ventures throughout his professional career.

Elissondo explains that opinions are no longer given as in the past, nor do people find themselves in the same conventional media they were in until some time ago. “We were born with a different DNA. We don’t consider ourselves a survey company but a technology company that seeks to be the best company at capturing opinions based on how people want to give their opinions”, he explains.

“Livepanel built from scratch a completely different solution that didn’t exist”, added Damia, who prefers to present Ninety’s arrival at Livepanel as the story of a “mutual choice”.

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