Uncategorized | May 22, 2019

Endeavor Miami partners with Ninety Upsilon Sigma

We are glad to announce that Endeavor had chosen Ninety Upsilon Sigma as a partner for the Scale Up Program.

The Scale Up program is four-month acceleration program designed to support startups with high-impact potential in the Miami ecosystem to scale.

The program is a staple of other Endeavor offices around the world, it is built to help early stage businesses be prepared for organized growth while plugging them into the Miami entrepreneurial ecosystem and building a founder-centric community to share the entrepreneurial journey with.

“Last year we saw an opportunity to expand the scope of Endeavor Miami and provide support to earlier stage businesses in South Florida. With our Cohort One, we learned that the challenge is bigger than expected – 99% of startups in Miami die before reaching 5 years of operation, even though scaleups, companies at least three years old with a minimum of 20% CAGR, are the ones that generate 80% of the jobs in the market. With this context in mind, the ScaleUp Program is strategically built to take companies from startup to scaleup stage,” says Claudia Durán, Managing Director of Endeavor Miami.

Endeavor partnered with Ninety Upsilon Sigma who ran diagnostics on the selected companies to identify challenge areas and best mentor profiles to match the companies’ needs.

For more information visit the full note here

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